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"Arthur in St. Barths" projection on the 22nd of April 

A projection of the episodes filmed in St Barths and other episodes of the « Arthur around the world » series is will take place on the saturday 22nd of April at the AJOE room in Lorient at 7pm.


Admission : 5 euros

"Arthur around the world" on Gulli 

The series "Arthur around the world" is broadcast on Gulli since the 3rd of April until the 19th of May.

 "Arthur around the world" DVDs were released April 4th

The 3 DVD of the series "Arthur around the world" were released on April 4th 2017.

 Filming "Arthur around the world" 

Filming "Arthur around the world" : Mexico, the Dominican Republic, Tunisia, Brussels, Guyana, Prague, Oslo and St Barths.

 "Arthur in London" on Gulli

The series "Arthur in London" will be broadcast on Gulli from the 4th of July 2016.

The "Arthur in London" DVD was releases July 5th

The DVD "Arthur in London" will be available as of the 5th of July 2016 for french-speaking countries.

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