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Arthur is a little boy who has travelled far and wide. He is a bundle of energy, he is curious and he is perceptive. With the eyes and thoughts of a child, he discovers the most widely representative landmarks of the cities and countries he visits. He travels around with his usual means of transport – a dandy-horse, scooter and more especially a little red electric car with an ARTHUR license plate.


The camera follows Arthur, showing destinations from the viewpoint of a young child. His candor and his inquisitive mind lead to some unusual, and often amusing, situations, and bring him into spontaneous contact with the people he meets.


Arthur shares his thoughts while a narrative commentary adds all the necessary details about the sites he visits.


Each episode lets us discover one facet of the country or city. The aim is to convey a selection of educational information about the destination while also bringing a smile to the faces of viewers through the unusual scenes resulting from Arthur’s presence. The way the boy sees things, his youth and very own means of locomotion give the films a unique character.


Since 1970, Pierre Brouwers, journalist, photographer and filmmaker, has travelled the length and breadth of the world, driven by a passion for both travel and documentary filmmaking.

Always on the look-out for something new, he constantly explores new techniques in order better to share his vision of the world with enthusiasts of new areas and new discoveries.

Author and director of the documentary series ‘Discovering the World’, Pierre Brouwers is also the creator of the Hachette Video Guides, the DVD Guides, as well as the DVD series ‘The World from the Air’ and ‘Let's Celebrate’. He will also be working with the French channel Voyage on the series 'En 4 Repères'.


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